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It is a notable concern for many black dietitians that the growth of our profession has been stagnant for over 20 years.  African American or Black dietitians of African descent makes up 2% of the population of dietitians across the country.  According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics this number has only grown to 2.4% since the early 80's. 

​It is well noted that patients living with nutrition-related diseases do better if culturally appropriate and linguistically appropriate languages and strategies are integrated into the framework of nutrition education. Our goal is to create a movement to change, pivot and grow the profession through many of our partners.


Who We Are

Black Dietitians Matter (BDM) aims to provide a dynamic and multi-faceted site that is designed to encompass professional hands execution of being a resource to the community in finding minority dietitians, culinary and cooking experiences, telehealth management through programming partnerships, building relationships with health care agencies that need dietitians via zoom or live experiences, recipe standardization and more.

Optimal health and wellness are achieved when we integrate culturally diverse strategies and beliefs that align with the needs of the client and their living environment. body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, we can give you the tools to begin.​

Take a walk through our website to experience the services of Black Dietitians Matter (BDM). Here you will  gain a complete understanding of how  services meet BDM can meet your needs


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Our Experience

Twin dietitians Roniece Weaver MS RD and Rojean Williams MS RD LD have over 30 years as Registered Dietitian working in the private sector and federal government in Central Florida to South Florida. They both have a passion for changing the lives and of the clients they serve. Both twins are graduates from the University of Florida and Rojean earned her Master's from Florida International University (Miami Fl)  and Roniece completed her Master's at the University of St Francis (Joliet, IL). 

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